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Welcome to ITCC-P4

Paediatric Preclinical Proof of Concept Platform

The Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer Paediatric Preclinical Proof-of-concept Platform (ITCC-P4) is a non-profit initiative fighting for a childhood without cancer. 

At ITCC-P4, we pursue our vision by accelerating anti-cancer drug development through prioritization of the most relevant therapeutic assets for clinical development in children and adolescents with cancer.

ITCC-P4 therefore provides the world’s largest repertoire of freshly patient-derived models of paediatric tumours, available at one place, supported by a comprehensive dataset of corresponding molecular and pharmacological characterization. Complementary to long-lasting CRO experience in conducting preclinical testing experiments, we provide access to scientific preclinical expertise through a broad panel of highly diverse, internationally known, entity-specific experts.

Our combination of services is a unique and comprehensive answer to a double need, shared by public and private researchers:

•            Understand the underlying mechanisms of cancer and identify innovative treatment options for young patients.

•            Screen and assess molecules efficiently, helping to address regulatory bodies’ requests.

We act as a proactive, solution-oriented partner fully committed to efficient and effective evaluation of your assets, by designing, conducting, analysing and evaluating the experiments which best fit your purpose.

We believe that our non-profit initiative will contribute to a rapid and efficacious science-driven translation of innovative treatment approaches into clinically available therapeutics and rapid patient benefit.

Learn more about our offer, about us and get in touch to join our P4 community!