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About us

ITCC-P4 gGmbH, fully incorporated in April 2024, is the first and only non-profit company in the world to offer access to laboratory models for systematic efficacy testing of compounds on fully characterized paediatric in vivo tumour models. 

We operate as a comprehensive platform to serve customers worldwide with a unique offer for preclinical testing of assets in paediatric cancers. As a non-profit organization, sustainability is a core objective with a value proposition that is both commercial and R&D forwards: all benefits are reinvested in our R&D activities, to expand the portfolio of models and discover new biomarkers.

ITCC-P4 is connected to the ITCC Consortium (Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer) that gathers 62 European Paediatric Oncology Departments as well as centres in Canada and Australia with expertise in conducting early phase industry and academic trials in children and adolescents with cancer, and 25+ European research laboratories running basic and translational research on paediatric tumours. ITCC provides advice to Companies on the clinical development of their assets.

Our History

ITCC-P4 has started as a public-private consortium project funded through the ‘Innovative Medicines Initiative’ (2017-2023). The consortium with 21 partners from 8 countries has established ≈400 new patient-derived in vivo preclinical models of high-risk paediatric solid tumours and leukaemias supported by a comprehensive database harbouring corresponding molecular and pharmacological characterization data. Under umbrella of the consortium project, the sustainable non-profit legal entity ITCC-P4 gGmbH was established under German Law in April 2023 and fully incorporated one year later to make these models available for preclinical drug testing both for industry and academic customers. 

Find out more about the IMI consortium project.

Our Shareholders

The shareholders of ITCC-P4 gGmbH are a number of high-profile research institutions and Biotech/CRO companies from across Europe:

Our Team

Apurva Gopisetty

Scientific Project Manager

Stefan Pfister

Chief Executive Officer

Eva-Maria Rief

Head of ITCC-P4 office

Gilles Vassal

Chief Operating Officer