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Our Database

Explore our model repertoire!

In ITCC-P4, we provide the world´s largest repertoire of PDX models of paediatric tumours, available in one place and supported by a comprehensive dataset of molecular phenotyping and pharmacological characterization corresponding to the original tumour material and respective PDX. 

We have built a large collection of patient derived xenografts (PDX) models across all relevant tumour entities, including high-risk, relapsed and rare cancers, well representing the paediatric cancer landscape. Each model has been fully characterized molecularly, pharmacologically, and clinically. This includes RNA & DNA sequencing as well as methylation profiling and in vivo treatment with standard-of-care drugs (+/- irradiation) and experimental drugs as well as combinations thereof. Our panel is being continuously enriched over time, with the in-licensing of new models (including immune-competent mouse models) and continuous improvement of their annotation and testing information.

Explore our model repertoire and share your thoughts of an experimental idea with our experts! We help you select relevant models and elaborate the most suitable preclinical study design.


Access to the ITCC-P4 Database will soon be available here.

In the meantime, contact us to learn more about our models and about their characteristics.

The database is implemented on the R2 platform, a versatile online tool operated by Amsterdam UMC.